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High Frequency Battery Charger

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High Frequency Battery Charger

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The V-HF SERIES chargers are designed to make battery charging an easy, economical and precise operation. These chargers are developed with high frequency MosFET technology to meet high efficiency demands of the environmentally conscious industry. The charger is designed to comply with the California Energy Commission’s requirements for energy efficiency.
These chargers are made for both single and three phase operations at frequencies of 50-60 Hertz.

Here are the features of the V-HF Series:

Recharge is fully automatic. A Microprocessor based control card provides an intelligent charge algorithm to fully charge the battery. The user friendly interface allows many of the parameters to be set by the user. The charger can be set to either charge the battery in Standard charge, in Opportunity charge or in Freezer mode for low temperature application.
The charge algorithm is based on an IIEI profile of four stages:

The first stage of the profile is a diagnostic stage where the charger operation id is verified and then it tests if the battery needs a recharge. If a charge is required, the charger moves to Main charge. Upon reaching the gassing voltage of 2.37V per cell, the charger moves into a constant voltage stage at the gassing voltage until the charge current drops below a predefined level (Finish rate current)
If this current is detected, the charger moves into a constant current finish rate stage with a low current until the control detects a low voltage rise over time. If this is detected, the charger will terminate the charge.
The charger has both an auto equalize and manual equalize selection. The equalize starts at the end of a full charge cycle. Auto Equalize can also be set to occur at a specific time on a weekly basis.
All stages are time controlled. An overall security timer protects the battery from over charge.

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